Monday, 30 April 2012

A real life story of incest...

Incest is not as rare as i thought. It is happening and a horrifying reality. I have a real life story to tell.
This is a story about consensual incest between siblings(bro-sis). The bro is elder one to the sis, age difference is 3 years. The sis is married earlier. The sis is married but even after her husband's many efforts doesn't try to connect as family and give respect and love to the family members of the husband's family. She makes frequent fights and visited her mother's house in the first year of the marriage. The husband thought that she must be missing her mother and family and he didn't doubted her intention and character.
Her girl's mother was major influence on the girl and was managing the incest thing. The brother involved in the incest was employed in a reputed company and in society posed as very religious person. He also got married after one year of her sister's marriage. But he didn't got physical with her wife and treated her like shit.
Their family members were close to themselves and individually they had no friends but they were friends among only themselves and had very secretive and mysterious behavior.
In the meantime the girl involved in the incest had various health problem like high cholesterol, sinus and mental depression also. She had ovarian cyst also. Her poor husband didn't planned a family and was always thinking why is the girl behaving so oddly he always tried to teach her something new and boost her confidence also but all his efforts in vain.
But after two-and-half years he(poor husband) thought if they have a baby that might change the behavior of the girl(involved in incest)  and she would then start to live  as family. So they started the efforts for the family and in one month of effort they had good news.
The boy(poor husband)  was very happy and took great care along with her mother even though the girl(involved in incest) didn't respected his(PH) mother.
But after delivery came the biggest surprise the baby boy born was exactly like the girl's(involved in incest's) brother.
They had not only continued their incest but successfully had their baby.
I think the Mother of girl(involved in the incest) was the mastermind of this whole plan.
I have doubt that they(incestuous family) might have falsely transferred the property of  poor husband's to their name. They had planned this fake marriage just to acquire the property of the poor husband.
The point is how to expose this incestuous family?
More to come ....